26 May
You Can! Take it With You
Category: Work From Anywhere
Even before the pandemic, some businesses had realized that their workers can take their office with them on any mobile or desktop device by using mobility applications that the...
22 May
Audio Conferencing
Challenge and Opportunity
Category: Work From Anywhere
Breath……….! Better? The Challenge: We probably shouldn’t dwell on what we can no longer do, rather, we should think of the burdens and boundaries that we are now free of and the...
21 May
We begin
Category: Work From Anywhere
Welcome to the first article of the Ingenious Smart Business Phones WFA page. We sincerely hope that you, your family and coworkers are safe, healthy and optimistic as we begin ...
09 Feb
Kari’s Law
Category: Business, Deadline, Functionality
Kari’s Law and Section 506 of RAY BAUM’S Act On August 1, 2019, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted rules to implement Kari’s Law and Section 506 of RAY BA...
10 Mar
UCaas 6
What is UCaaS?
Category: Business, Functionality
Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a combined suite if services that reside in the “cloud”, and include multiple forms of communications into one applica...
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