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Yes. With ingenious, you can keep your current business, fax and toll free telephone numbers even if you move from one local calling area to another. This is called “number porting” and normally takes one to two weeks, depending on your current phone provider. There’s no need to worry, we handle the entire process for you.

This is commonly referred to as “concurrent/simultaneous calls, lines, channels or call paths.” Ingenious ensures that you can make and receive as many calls as your business requires. Unlike many voice service providers, ingenuous does not charge for call capacity and we have the ability to quickly adjust your business’ call capacity, should your needs change temporarily or permanently.

Your incoming calls can be routed in a variety of ways. We recommend that you “live-answer” incoming calls as much as possible. However, we realize there are times when this is not practical or desirable. In these instances, an Auto Attendant (AA)—aka IVR—either as a primary answer or back up to a human answer, may be the best choice. With most offices, a mix of human answer and AA is usually the solution. Ingenious will work with you to develop an incoming call strategy that works best for your company and we are always happy to help you make adjustments when necessary.

Yes. We can route calls to multiple destinations within your company’s voice network or to any other voice network, anywhere in the world. These include mobile phones, softphones, home phones, Auto Attendants, voicemail and remote or virtual extensions. This functionality demonstrates how truly smart ingenious Smart Business Phones are, and provides you with an enormous amount of flexibility for managing your office communications. The best part is that you decide how calls are answered based on date, time, event or the number called. We also provide a flexible on-the-fly routing option for holidays or unscheduled closings. This option is especially helpful when your business must close at times it would normally be open. As always, we are here to assist you quickly make any necessary changes.

In most cases the answer is, “No.” Your ingenious solution will be set up and work independently of your current phones. And after a little training, your new phones will be activated and ready for you and your employees to use. In rare instances, depending on the type of phones you currently have, there may be a brief transition period (5-10 minutes) while incoming calls are being rerouted to your new ingenious Smart Business Phones. In this situation, we will ensure minimal impact on your business operations. Ingenious Solutions Engineers will be present at your office during this process and will remain with you as long as you need them to.

You get our fully Managed Unified Communications as-a-Service (MUCaaS) solution. We provide and manage all equipment and MUCaaS services, so that you can focus on managing your business with peace of mind. With our unlimited on-site and remote Administration, Support and Maintenance you will never pay for routine service. We proactively monitor 24/7/365 for call quality and service availability.

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