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NOTE: Please ask your Office or IT Manager for more information regarding the functions available in your portal. The Ingenious User PortalSM is best viewed using the current version of Google Chrome browser. Using an older Chrome browser or other browsers may not provide an optimal user experience.

Logging In

  • Go to the Login Screen – Click here or on “User Portal” under “Resources” on the ingenious Smart Business PhonesTM home page.
  • Enter your Login Name and Password – Your Ingenious User PortalSM was established by you when you completed the instructions in the Ingenious Welcome Letter. If you need help, ask your Office Communications Manager, IT Manager. Login Names and Passwords are case sensitive. Your password is one you created using the process below.
  • First time login – If you are logging into your Ingenious User PortalSM for the first time (or have not logged in since December of 2018), use your Login Name and your current Voicemail PIN as the password.  An email  will be sent to the email address on file for your ingenious Smart Business PhonesTM User Account. Open this email, click on “Complete Setup” and follow the steps to create a new password and verify (or change) your Voicemail PIN. This new password must be used for all future logins to your Ingenious User PortalSM
  • Going forward, your Voicemail PIN will only be used to login to your voicemail from your phone.

Navigating Your Portal

  • Using the Function Buttons – Click on the function button along the top of the screen representing the function you want to navigate to.
  • Office Manager Functionality – If your Ingenious User PortalSM has Office Manager functionality enabled, when accessing your portal you will see the Office Manager screen first. To navigate to your own Ingenious User PortalSM  , left click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Then, left click on My Account to navigate to your own screen. To return to the Office Manager screen, click on Manage Organization at the top of the screen .

NOTE: Office Managers may request a “screen-share” training session by sending an email to

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