The 1-2-3 of Online Meetings

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The 1-2-3 of Online Meetings

Online Meetings and Interactive Collaboration – The Business Performance Multiplier

We’ve all heard the business adage, “Never hold a meeting for something that could have been solved in an email.”

While this saying is true many times business communications are more productive when they allow for non-verbal communication which only an interactive meeting can provide. Online meetings can solve this communication challenge.

The Ingenious Meeting Manager is a robust online meeting app that can be accessed from anywhere using any device. Take a look at these three convincing reasons why online meetings function far better than an email, especially for remote teams.

1. Better Clarity

A Harvard Busines Review study concluded that a face-to-face request or interaction is thirty-four times more effective than an email. Participants were more likely to complete a task or request when asked face-to-face rather than in an email.

For businesses, this concept rings true as well. Face-to-face interactions provide individuals with more clarity about the task or project at hand, which, in turn, leads to better business performance overall.

While written communication is a critical business skill, understanding and action still depends on the recipient’s interpretation. Communicating vital project details via an email can cause confusion, even when we think we’ve given clearly written details.

Reduce the potential for miscommunication by pairing project details with an online meeting to confirm everyone’s understanding of the assigned tasks.

2. Save Time

Today’s office worker spends a large part of their day responding to emails. Most would agree that, that time would be better spent finding solutions, completing projects and contributing to other team efforts to improve the business.

An online meeting can communicate pertinent details in less time than it takes to respond to an email! With more time on their hands, your team can focus on their work and enjoy greater productivity.

3. Reinforce Essential Information

Mass emails are often used to distribute company-wide information. However, these emails also tend to be jam-packed with information, causing employees to spend several minutes or even hours understanding implied tasks and planning their actions.

Instead, send a company-wide email inviting collogues to attend an online interactive meeting at a time that works best for your team. Interactive online meetings can include a variety of functionality like sharing the screen of the meeting host or any of the participants. whiteboard or online markups, polling, sidebar chats and question and answer, all to keep your team members engaged.

Save your team member’s time and enhance their focus by avoiding complicated and confusing emails and engaging them in an online meeting. To ask about our Ingenious Smart Business Phones Meeting Manager, email us at