Business Continuity - Service Assurance

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Business Continuity – Service Assurance

Is your business able to communicate with customers and vendors during a power or internet outage or when access is restricted?

During the past several months, small businesses were challenged as they tried to innovate and insulate their business from the revent event that restricted their ability to access their normal business facilities and interact with team members, customers and suppliers.

One important thing that we have not thought of much is Business Continuity or whether our business communications system can be used when our normal business location is unavailable or has restricted access. Are customers able communicate with your staff and is your staff able to communicate with your customers and vendors.

What if you were unable to get to or enter your place of business? Would your business be able to operate if your place of business loses power and or internet, or if it is damaged by fire or natural disaster?  Would your business communications system be able to link your customers to you and your staff? Are you able to remotely view and make changes to your communications system?

In honestly examining each of the situations above, you may find that your business in vulnerable. Your office communications provider should be able to help with a Business Continuity Plan.

Contact us for a free and no-obligation consultation and let us show you how we can provide Business Continuity during unexpected loses of service or access to your business facilities.