The long Haul

The long Haul

Is your business able to communicate with customers and vendors during a power or internet outage or when access is restricted?

Small businesses have found that they have unique challenges as well as unique opportunities to innovate and insulate their business from events that restrict their ability to interact with customers and suppliers.

One important thing to look at is whether your business communications system can be used when your normal business location is unavailable or has restricted access. Are customers able communicate with your staff and is your staff able to communicate with your customers and vendors.

What if your place of business loses power and or internet? Would your business be able to operate? What if you were unable to get or enter your place of business? Would your business communications system continue to work and link your customers to you and your staff? Are you able to remotely view and make changes to your communications system?

In honestly examining each of the situations above, you may find that your business in vulnerable.

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