Business Messaging Services (SMS, MMS and RCS)

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Business Messaging Services (SMS, MMS and RCS)

Text messaging is the most used data service in the world. (Nielsen, Pew Internet Research) Usage is not limited by age, economics or geographic location.

  • Studies show that 90% of SMS messages are read within three minutes of receipt. (MobileSQUARED)
  • Adults over 55 are sent and receive 16+ text messages a day. (Experian Marketing Services)
  • Texting is as much a part of the consumer market as it is to social and personal communications.
  • The average response time for a text message is just 90 seconds while the average response time for an email is 90 minutes. (
  • Mobile Marketing Watch reports that 75% of all millennials would rather communicate via text about appointments, deliveries, coupons and the like.
  • 90% of new business leads prefer to receive a text message over a phone call. (FranchiseHelp)
  • More than 50% of consumers would rather text for customer support than navigate an Auto Attendant or wait on hold. (Harris Interactive)
  • Only 30% of consumers report actually receiving texts from the companies they they patronize, but would be open to it. (Harris Interactive)
  • Almost 64% of consumers are likely to perceive a company contacting them by text as a positive. (Harris Interactive)

Because SMS was first used for personal communications it still enjoys the reputation of being personal and trusted. Carriers, service providers and regulators are working diligently to maintain this high standard by implementing very strict controls to prevent text spamming. Properly implemented, a Business Messaging solution can leverage the personal and trusted status that texting still holds.

Customers or potential customers who have a positive impression of your company are more likely to buy from you and recommend your company. (

If you do not have a strategy in place to include Business Messaging as part of your customer engagement process, you may be missing huge opportunities to improve your business processes and increase your bottom line.

In the near future, not having the ability to communicate with your customers and prospects via an integrated solution which includes Business Messaging, will be the equivalent of not having telephones and email today. Use of Business Messaging will soon surpass phone and email as the primary communications channel between a businesses and its customers.

Some immediate uses of Business Messaging are:

  • Bulk SMS/MMS Marketing
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Delivery Notices
  • Alerts

These tend to be “one-and-done” type uses in that they can receive and process inbound texts for limited purposes. However, they do not allow for two-way conversations. So, when a response is required, it often results in a need for a phone call or an email.

Already, some businesses have taken the use of Business Messaging to the next level, where a user can text a code to a specific number to start a process, cast a vote or confirm activity or conduct efficient interactive communication.

Bots, aka Autoresponders can be used to speed communication even more when implemented as part of a Business Messaging Services solution. A bot can be programmed to monitor received Business Text messages and respond automatically to keywords in the message. This removes even more human latency from the exchange.

Simple keyword spotting can be used to improve customer service and quickly answer basic questions about hours, directions, daily specials, sales, or to summon support. For example, if someone texts “What are your store hours today?” to a retail location, a bot can be programmed to spot the keyword “hours” and respond with the message, “We are open today from 10 AM to 8 PM. Please call or text again if you need more information.”

Autoresponders that are driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and can even learn to respond to much more complex queries.

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